Basic functions of SalesViewer®

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Basic functions of SalesViewer® First steps

Basic functions of SalesViewer®

This article will guide you through the basic functions of SalesViewer®, supported by instructive videos that describe each step in detail. Whether you are new to SalesViewer® or want to refresh your knowledge, this guide will help you to use SalesViewer® to its full potential.

1. SalesViewer® at a glance

Discover SalesViewer® and its powerful features in our comprehensive introduction. This video gives you an overview of the platform, including the main features and dashboard, to help you get started.

2. Create interests in SalesViewer®

Watch this video to learn how to create interests in SalesViewer® to better understand and categorize your visitors’ website activities.

3. Create filters in SalesViewer®

Filters are an important tool in SalesViewer® to isolate and analyze specific data segments. In this video, we show you how to create filters to efficiently manage your data and to create customized views.

4. Create reports in SalesViewer® 

Creating reports in SalesViewer® allows you to send data and insights to your email address at your convenience. This video will show you on how to create, customize and share reports.

5. Exporting data from SalesViewer®

Learn how to export data from SalesViewer® for further processing or detailed analysis. We will guide you through the available export options and formats.

6. Contact leads from SalesViewer®

To make it easier for you to approach leads, this video summarizes some practical tips on how you can effectively contact the identified leads and acquire new customers.