How to optimize your marketing with SalesViewer®

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How to optimize your marketing with SalesViewer® Tips & tricks

How to optimize your marketing with SalesViewer®

Marketing teams are faced with the challenge of making their strategies efficient and targeted in order to get the maximum ROI from their campaigns. SalesViewer® offers a range of options and functions specifically designed to improve and personalize marketing activities.

Increase Google Ads performance with the SalesViewer® integration

The integration of SalesViewer® into Google Ads enables even more precise analysis and optimization of your campaigns. With the easy-to-implement integration, you can link the CPC (cost per click – premium integration) and the keyword used directly to the identified companies. This allows you to maximize the efficiency of your ads by understanding exactly which keywords and ad strategies generate the most valuable leads.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) for more precise targeting

Leverage SalesViewer® for effective Account Based Marketing (ABM) by developing targeted campaigns based on detailed insights into the behavior and needs of specific target companies. This strategy allows you to pursue customized marketing approaches that are directly tailored to the interests and challenges of your most important accounts, significantly increasing the likelihood of successful conversion. Data from SalesViewer® can be easily imported into LinkedIn for ABM campaigns, detailed instructions can be found here.

Personalization of your web content

SalesViewer® gives you the ability to personalize your web content based on the identified companies. This allows you to display content that is specifically tailored to the industries, needs and interests of your website visitors. For example, you can present different product offers or case studies depending on which industry the website visitor belongs to or which user behavior they show on your site.

Automation & workflows with comprehensive integrations

SalesViewer® offers extensive integration options with most CRM and email marketing systems, making it easy to automate your marketing and sales processes. With over 6000 possible integrations via platforms such as Zapier, you can create complex workflows that automatically respond to the behavior and interactions of your website visitors. Whether it’s sending personalized emails, importing leads directly into your CRM system or setting up custom notifications, SalesViewer® enables seamless and efficient automation of your business processes.

UX optimization with the video function

With the SalesViewer® session recording (video), you have the possibility to gain deep insight into the behavior of your B2B website visitors. Get to know which points in your website create difficulties for your visitors or are not interacted with as intended. Additionally, you can recognize which content is actively viewed and read and which content is skipped.