Cancellation of your SalesViewer® license

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Cancellation of your SalesViewer® license License & billing

Cancellation of your SalesViewer® license

We regret that you wish to cancel your SalesViewer® license. Before you decide to cancel your SalesViewer® license, we would like to point out that there is also the option to simply pause your license. The decision to cancel your SalesViewer® license will result in the long-term loss of all data, reports, customizations and integrations in your SalesViewer® account and all associated projects.

Transparent termination process by email

To cancel your SalesViewer® license, send your cancellation by email to Your notice of termination must include your name, your company name, the email address used for SalesViewer® and the reason for termination. Please also inform us of the desired date of your termination, taking into account the notice period of 14 days specified in your invoice.

Immediate confirmation of termination

Once SalesViewer® has received your notice of termination, you will receive an immediate response. We value transparent communication and will inform you of the next steps and the date of contract termination.

Check your requirements and adjust your license if necessary

Before you make the decision to cancel your license, we recommend that you check your current requirements for company detections. Downgrading your license may be a more suitable solution, allowing continued access to important customer potentials while saving costs.

Pause instead of termination

Instead of canceling, SalesViewer® also offers you the option of pausing your license. This alternative is particularly suitable if you expect temporary interruptions to your business operations or are planning specific projects. Please note that pausing is possible for up to three months if you have selected a monthly billing model.

Arrange a meeting with an expert

Our experts are here to discuss the best options for your individual situation. Whether it’s a pause, downgrade or other options, contact us at