Google Ads Premium integration for SalesViewer®

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Google Ads Premium integration for SalesViewer® Integrations

Google Ads Premium integration for SalesViewer®

The Google Ads Premium integration extends the analytics capabilities in your SalesViewer® account with even more detailed insights into your Google Ads activities that lead to business visits to your website. The integration is ready to use and only requires simple Google authentication, with no additional settings required.

Advantages of premium integration

  • Display preview: Get a direct insight into the ads that led users & companies to your website.
  • Keyword display: See exactly which search terms were used by visiting companies to find your ads.
  • Display of the CPC: Get the actual cost per click (CPC) incurred for the company visit and evaluate the efficiency of your campaigns directly at dashboard level.
  • Campaign and ad group information: Get detailed information about the campaigns and ad groups that resulted in the visit.
  • Simple integration: Activate the premium functions using simple Google authentication without having to make any further technical adjustments.

A plus for marketing and sales

This Google Ads Premium integration is a great benefit for both marketing teams and sales reps. Sales reps can see the specific keyword that was searched for, giving them a deeper insight into the buyer intent of website visitors. Marketing teams benefit from the ability to see the direct cost of a company visit, allowing for an accurate assessment of campaign profitability.

Availability and upgrade

The Google Ads Premium integration is exclusively available for SalesViewer® Individual customers. If you are currently using a different license and are interested in the advanced features of the Premium integration, please contact our sales team via