Why does my dashboard not show any detections?

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Why does my dashboard not show any detections? Tracking

Why does my dashboard not show any detections?

If you notice that no company detections are displayed in your SalesViewer® dashboard, this can have various causes. Here we show you the possible steps to identify and resolve any problems.

1. Checking the traffic

The first step is to check whether web traffic is coming to your site. Use analysis tools such as Google Analytics or Matomo to get an overview of the traffic on your site. Pay particular attention to the origin and behavior of visitors to determine whether there is potential B2B traffic. Not every visit to your website automatically leads to identifiable company activity, especially if your traffic comes mainly from private individuals.

2. Common errors

Several factors can affect how SalesViewer® identifies company visits. Some common sources of error include:

  • Updates/changes to the website: Any change to the structure or content of your website can potentially affect the functionality of the SalesViewer® tracking code. Check whether the tracking code is still correctly integrated after updates.
  • Website relaunch: A complete relaunch of your website may result in the SalesViewer® tracking code being removed or implemented incorrectly. Make sure that the code is correctly integrated into the new website.
  • Installation of cookie banners/change to consent: If you have recently introduced a cookie banner or changed the settings, check whether this affects how the SalesViewer® tracking code works. It is possible that the code is blocked by the consent settings.

3. Contact our customer service

If you have checked all of the above and still no detections are being shown, please do not hesitate to contact SalesViewer® support. Send an email to help@salesviewer.com for assistance. The support team can help you diagnose the problem and suggest solutions for company visits to be identified again.