Add projects to your SalesViewer® account

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Add projects to your SalesViewer® account Account & administration

Add projects to your SalesViewer® account

In SalesViewer®, the “Projects” function allows users to track different URLs in addition to their main domain. This allows a detailed analysis of different websites within the same company, such as country variants, subpages, blog pages and other specific web projects. However, it is important to note that only pages of your own company may be created as projects in order to comply with the SalesViewer® license regulations.

Use cases for creating projects

Projects in SalesViewer® can be used for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Country variants: Separate tracking codes for different country websites enable a targeted analysis of visitor behavior by regions.
  • Subsites: Special campaign pages or product launch pages can be created as separate projects to track their performance separately.
  • Blog pages: A separate tracking code for the blog area helps to analyze the origin of the readers more precisely.

Create projects and generate tracking code

A separate tracking code is generated for each project created in SalesViewer®. This must be integrated on the respective project page in order to record the activities of the visitors. Assigning a specific tracking code to each project enables separate analysis and reporting.

Admin authorizations for creating projects

The creation of new projects in SalesViewer® is reserved exclusively for admin users. This permission restriction ensures that only authorized persons can add and manage new websites, ensuring proper compliance with the license terms.