Integration of the SalesViewer® tracking code into an HTML page

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Integration of the SalesViewer® tracking code into an HTML page Tracking

Integration of the SalesViewer® tracking code into an HTML page

Implementing the SalesViewer® tracking code directly into the HTML of your website allows for robust and less error-prone data tracking. This ensures, that the tracking code can be loaded directly and independently from tag managers. Additionally, by implementation into the HTML, the chances for the tracking code to be influenced by ad blockers and similar tools are reduced.

1. Instructions for installing the code

The tracking code should be integrated directly into the HTML document of your website, immediately before the closing </body> tag. This ensures that the code is loaded on all pages of your website and thus enables complete recording of website traffic. Here is an example of how it might look:

    <!-- Your head content --> 
    <!-- The content of your website --> 
    <!-- SalesViewer® tracking code --> 
    <script type="text/javascript"> 
            // Your SalesViewer® script here 

2. Positioning of the tracking code

Placing the tracking code directly before the closing </body>-tag is a best practice as it ensures that the code is only loaded after the entire content of the page has been loaded.

3. Checking the functionality of the tracking code

Check the functionality of the code by performing a network analysis with your browser’s developer tools. After reloading your website, you should be able to recognize requests to SalesViewer® in the network activity, which indicates that the tracking code is active and collecting data.

4. Important: Global implementation for complete tracking

Insert the SalesViewer® tracking code globally into your website (master template). It is crucial that the tracking code is implemented in every single page of your website, to ensure complete tracking of all visitor activity. This is the only way to ensure that every part of your website is tracked correctly and that you have a complete overview of your visitor behavior.