Can I track individual pages with SalesViewer®?

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Can I track individual pages with SalesViewer®? Tracking

Can I track individual pages with SalesViewer®?

A full implementation of SalesViewer® across the entire website serves as the basis for a comprehensive analysis. For specific requirements, individual pages or areas of the website can be viewed and tracked as separate projects to gain targeted insights. It is essential to focus on B2B traffic in order to obtain relevant and meaningful data.

Complete implementation as a basis

To exploit the full potential of SalesViewer®, it is advisable to first implement the tracking code on the entire website. This comprehensive integration makes it possible to analyze all traffic and the user journey seamlessly. A complete overview of visitor behavior, including the pages visited by companies, is crucial for understanding buyer intent and customer interests.

Use projects for specific tracking requirements

For special marketing campaigns or product launches, it can also be useful to use SalesViewer® specifically on landing pages or subpages. You can create separate “projects” that allow you to obtain a detailed analysis of the traffic and interactions on these specific pages.