Sales strategies with SalesViewer® - How do I approach my leads?

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Sales strategies with SalesViewer® - How do I approach my leads? Tips & tricks

Sales strategies with SalesViewer® – How do I approach my leads?

SalesViewer® is an innovative way to fully exploit the sales potential of your company. By analyzing visitor behavior on your website, you can identify specific demand and use this in a targeted manner in the sales process, particularly in the area of telephone sales.

Identification of demand through website interaction

If you notice that a company repeatedly visits certain areas of your website, this indicates a specific interest or need. This information is invaluable for sales as it provides a point of contact.

Identification of the right contact person

Once SalesViewer® has identified a company that shows interest in your products or services, you can use the following digital channels to find contacts and establish contact:

  • Website of the detected company: In many cases, there is a dedicated page for contact persons in the company. These are usually declared as “Team”, “Contact person” or “Company”. You will find direct contact information there.
    In some cases, it is also worth including press releases or job advertisements in the search, as contact persons are also listed there.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the fastest growing business network in the world. For the most part, personal profiles are kept up to date there, whereas address databases and credit agencies often store outdated data. A search in such a business network is always recommended in order to obtain up-to-date information on potential contacts. In this way, you can avoid the possibility that the perfect contact person has already left the company.
  • Xing, X (formerly Twitter) and other social media: Use social networks to find the company and its employees. Many managers and decision-makers are active and publish relevant content. You can establish a connection via direct messages or replies to their posts.

Establish contact directly

  • Phone call: Once you have identified the potential contact, a phone call can be the most direct and personal method of contact. Prepare for the call by taking notes on the visitor activities and potential needs that SalesViewer® has recorded.

Establish contact digitally

  • Direct messages on social media: Once you have identified the contact person, send a personalized direct message via the respective social network. Establish a relationship by referring to shared interests or relevant content.
  • Email contact: Formulate a personal email tailored to the respective contact person. Make a reference to the company’s interests identified by SalesViewer® to emphasize the relevance of your message.

Practical example 1

Let’s say SalesViewer® indicates that a financial services company is interested in your cybersecurity software. With the LinkedIn search, you can identify the company’s IT security officer. An InMail referencing the specific content viewed by the company on your website leads to an initial conversation. After a few messages where you build interest and trust, suggest a phone call to provide more in-depth information and better understand the company’s needs.

Use of filters and notification functions

SalesViewer® offers a variety of filtering and notification functions to inform you about relevant visitor activity on your website. For example, you can set Alerts to notify you when a company visits certain product pages or when a visit exceeds a certain time, indicating increased interest.

Practical example 2

Suppose an office furniture manufacturer uses SalesViewer® to notice that an architectural firm has repeatedly visited the ergonomic office chairs page. This shows a clear need that the sales employee can exploit. Through a targeted search on the website of the architecture agency, the employee finds the head of purchasing for the architecture agency. A call highlighting the ergonomic benefits of the chairs and an offer for a no-obligation consultation could be the next step. Through the inclusion of the identified interest of the potential customer into the conversation, will the success rate increase drastically.


The strategic use of SalesViewer® in sales opens up new ways of generating leads and approaching customers. The combination of behavioral analysis, targeted identification of contacts and proactive contacting forms a solid basis for successful sales activities. Use the extensive functions of SalesViewer® to stay informed, react quickly and achieve your sales targets effectively.