Supercharge your sales

SalesViewer® identifies your anonymous website visitors and redefines the way you think about new business development.

Identify your anonymous
website visitors.

SalesViewer® tells you exactly who is visiting your website and will show you all the companies that are interessted in your products and services.

Gain more
customer insights.

SalesViewer® lets you know what these potential customers are looking for. You receive a detailed interest profile and unique sales data. Be one step ahead of your competition.

Focus on the right leads.
Increase revenue.

Armed with this new information, you will reach your customers at the right time with the right offer to increase your sales.

The new SalesViewer® is here!

SalesViewer® is designed to deliver accurate and actionable sales leads with only one simple line.
Made for instant results and set up in 5 minutes!


Pure simplicity
SalesViewer® shows you what really matters. Only one simple line will show you all relevant sales data. Developed by sales experts – for everyone, everywhere.


Unique results
15 algorithms and multidimensional tracking methods ensure a maximum amount of undiscovered sales leads and the highest data quality. Unleash your sales with this technical advantages.


More insights
Get real-time lead insights to increase your sales opportunities. Focus on the right leads with over 20 smart features.


Safe & data protection compliant
Protecting your data and compliance with worldwide data protection laws are our first priority. SalesViewer® is certified for IT safety and data protection. 100% GDPR compliant!


How SalesViewer® works

Find out more about SalesViewer® in our video and see how website visitor identification can redefine your whole sales process.


Simply more! SalesViewer® is your daily sales companion and more than just a website visitor identification. Verified data, video analysis and comprehensive data profiles are what makes us different. Over 20 innovative functions are available for our customers.

Click here to see the 10 most popular functions!

Knowing who

Website visitor identification

SalesViewer® identifies your anonymous website visitors. It shows you which companies visit your website and what they are interested in.

Visit history and contacts

SalesViewer® IDcard

Complete, verified and current company data. SalesViewer® provides you with company names, location, sector, website and other important contact information to simplify your sales.

Knowing what

Customer insights

Receive full insights of each page visit. SalesViewer® shows you the duration of the visit, an overview of pages visited and other data about their visit, so you can tailor how you approach potential customers and supercharge your sales.

Even more insight

Video analysis

Video recording of all visits to your website. Find out how visitors behave on your website to obtain a precise insight into your customer’s needs. The video analysis will also help you to significantly improve your website’s design and usability.

Customer grouping

Intelligent categories

New and existing customers and competitors at a glance with one click. Easy-to-use intelligent filtering and sorting functions provide a clear, current overview.

Always up-to-date

Immediate notifications

Never miss an important revenue opportunity again! Notifications ensure that you will be informed immediately when a company is interested in your services and products.

Digital or non-digital

Offline tracking

Do you plan offline promotional activities and campaigns, like trade fairs and direct marketing measures? Our marketing monitoring shows you if targeted customers visit your website and how efficient these activities are.

Knowing for whom

Regional sales tool

With SalesViewer® you can use various criteria to allocate regional sales areas to each sales rep. Your reps will receive customized reports and sales potentials from their sales areas so they can focus on real sales opportunities.

Ready on the go

Mobile devices

Conquer the market from anywhere – even on your cell phone! SalesViewer® works on all current smartphones and is available to you and your sales reps – anywhere and anytime.

Well-integrated into your worklflow

API & CRM integration

Complete integration in your workflow. SalesViewer® is compatible with many popular CRM systems and delivers comprehensive export and API integration capabilities for your infrastructure.

Keyword, campaign and source

AdWords & Campaigns

SalesViewer® automatically recognizes the user's search phrase and campaign and is compatible with Google Ads and many other solutions.

You receive instant feedback about a visitors' demand and why he was able to find you.

14 days

free trial

On average, companies gain 2 new customers with SalesViewer® during the trial. Find out what SalesViewer® can do for your sales. No commitment and no risk 14-day trial.

Free 14 day trial


potential customers

SalesViewer® identifies an average of 197 potential customers on a website with 1000 visitors per month. No other medium can do this at these conditions!

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SalesViewer® is super easy to install, no IT knowledge required. 5 minutes installation. Receive usable sales and revenue opportunities immediately.


Data protection

SalesViewer® is made and hosted in Germany. 100% compliance with GDPR and data privacy laws. Certified for data privacy compliance and safety.

Data protection

Free 14 day trial!

Find out for yourself. Try out SalesViewer® for 14 days at no risk. Your trial access will be cancelled automatically when the trial period ends. You decide whether you wish to continue or not.

Ultimate transparency, test SalesViewer® for free, without commitment.