What integrations are available for SalesViewer®?

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What integrations are available for SalesViewer®? Integrations

What integrations are available for SalesViewer®?

With over 6000 integration options, native integrations for major CRM systems, compatibility with Zapier for drag-and-drop integrations and the ability for custom API integrations, SalesViewer® is a flexible and powerful solution to automate and maximize your sales potential. Regardless of your organization’s specific requirements, SalesViewer® provides the tools and support to enable seamless integration with your existing processes and systems. 

Native integrations

SalesViewer® supports native integrations with the leading CRM systems, including: 

  • Salesforce: One of the world’s leading CRM platforms, known for its adaptability and comprehensive functions.
  • HubSpot: A popular all-in-one platform for inbound marketing, sales and customer service.

These integrations provide a direct and efficient connection between SalesViewer® and your preferred CRM system, simplifying lead transfer and management. If you plan to use one of these integrations, please contact us at help@salesviewer.com.

Drag-and-drop Integrations

For a flexible and user-friendly integration option, SalesViewer® is fully compatible with the integration platform “Zapier”. Zapier enables connections with over 6000 applications through a simple drag-and-drop system, allowing the automation of workflows between SalesViewer® and a variety of other tools without the need for programming knowledge. Explore the integration possibilities with Zapier.

Customized integrations (API) 

For specific requirements, SalesViewer® offers the possibility to create customized integrations via a fully documented API. This allows SalesViewer® to be integrated into individual workflows and special applications and to gain automated access to all data. More information about the SalesViewer® API.

Numerous advantages and application possibilities

SalesViewer® integrations offer numerous advantages and application possibilities: 

  • CRM integration: Automatic import of high-quality leads directly into your CRM and sales funnel. 
  • Marketing automation: Create unbeatable trigger-based customer engagements by connecting to your marketing automation platform. 
  • Campaign optimization: Synchronization with your ads and marketing channels to maximize campaign efficiency and ROI. 
  • Analyses & reports: Integration into existing reporting systems to gain valuable insights into leads and customers. 

For more information on SalesViewer® integrations and how you can use them for your business, visit www.salesviewer.com/integrations or contact the integration team directly at integrations@salesviewer.com.