Import company lists from SalesViewer® into LinkedIn

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Import company lists from SalesViewer® into LinkedIn Integrations

Import company lists from SalesViewer® into LinkedIn

To make your account-based marketing strategy in LinkedIn even more effective, SalesViewer® offers you the option of exporting company lists directly for your LinkedIn campaigns. In this guide, we will show you how to seamlessly import your SalesViewer® insights based on company lists into LinkedIn for customized advertising campaigns.

Import instructions

  • Step 1: LinkedIn Export in SalesViewer®
    Start by downloading your company list using the SalesViewer® LinkedIn export.
  • Step 2: Log in to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager
    Log in to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
  • Step 3: Target group selection
    In the Campaign Manager, navigate to the “Plan” tab and select the “Audiences” menu item.
  • Step 4: Create target group
    Click on “Create audience” and select “Company / Contact” under the “Upload a list” option.
  • Step 5: Upload the company list
    Give your target group a name, select “Company list” as the list type and then upload the downloaded list by clicking on “Select list”.
  • Step 6: Upload file
    Upload the saved company list from your computer and confirm the upload with “Agree & Upload”.

Once your company list is uploaded and matched by LinkedIn, you can use the audience within your campaigns.

Important notes on uploading

  • Minimum number of companies: Your uploaded list must contain at least 300 lines to meet LinkedIn requirements.
  • List size: The list should be large enough to allow matching with at least 300 LinkedIn members.
  • Maximum size: The list may contain a maximum of 20 MB or 300,000 companies.
    Processing time: It can take up to 48 hours for your target group to be created in LinkedIn, in rare cases even longer.
  • Recommended list size: For effective enterprise targeting, LinkedIn recommends a list size of 1,000 or more companies.