Why is my SalesViewer® report not arriving?

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Why is my SalesViewer® report not arriving? Features

Why is my SalesViewer® report not arriving?

If the report from SalesViewer® is not delivered, there are several steps you can take to resolve the problem.

Check your email settings

  • Check Spam folder: Start by checking your spam or junk mail folder. Sometimes automated emails are mistakenly marked as spam. If you find the report there, mark the message as “Not Spam” to direct future deliveries straight to your inbox.
  • Change / allow data format: In some cases, receiving an XLSX (Excel) attachment can be restricted. Ask your IT department if this format can be allowed. Alternatively, the data format can be changed under Alerts to the CSV format.

Check your recipient address

Make sure that the email address stored in SalesViewer® is correct. A typing error in the address may mean that the export cannot be delivered. Check the settings in your SalesViewer® account to confirm that the address you have entered is correct.

Check settings in SalesViewer®

In the SalesViewer® dashboard, there are two main points which are to be checked:

  • Report status: Make sure that the report you want to export is activated. To do so, please check under Alerts directly in the SalesViewer® interface. If the report has not been activated by using the switch, then turn it on.
  • Data availability: Check whether data is actually available for the selected report period. Reports are not sent if no data has been recorded for the requested period.

Check mailbox activity and internet connection

Sometimes there may be delays in the delivery of emails due to mailbox activity or problems with the internet connection. Check your internet connection and wait a while if necessary to give the system the opportunity to deliver the email.

Further help

Should you require further assistance, our support team is available at any time at help@salesviewer.com.