Choosing the right SalesViewer® license

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Choosing the right SalesViewer® license License & billing

Choosing the right SalesViewer® license

SalesViewer® offers a transparent and scalable license model that includes monthly or annual billing of company detections. The number of detections for each license refers to one month, whereby you have the freedom to choose between the package sizes.

License levels for every phase of your company’s growth

  • Pro license: Starting from 50 company detections per month, ideal for small companies and start-ups who want to start their B2B lead generation.
  • Premium license: Starting from 250 company detections per month, suitable for larger companies and teams looking for more intensive use of SalesViewer® with additional features, like the video function (session recording) or native integrations for leading CRM systems (HubSpot & Salesforce).
  • Individual license: Starting from 750 company detections per month for large companies that want to use comprehensive B2B analysis and maximum possibilities including event tracking and the Google Ads premium integration.

All information on license features and current prices can be found here:

What is a company detection and how is it billed?

A company detection is the identification of a company that has visited your website. The visit of an identified company counts as one company detection per billing month, regardless of how often the company accesses your website within this month. A comprehensive explanation of the billing can be found here.

Flexible license model

Monthly licenses of SalesViewer® offer you maximum flexibility. You can cancel or adjust your license at any time within 14 days, depending on how your needs develop.

10% discount on yearly licenses

We recommend to implement SalesViewer® long term into your new B2B customer strategy, for a continuous stream of new customer potential for your company. On yearly SalesViewer® licenses we offer a discount of 10%.

Unlimited number of users

An outstanding feature of SalesViewer® is the unlimited number of users supported in each license model. This means that regardless of the size of your organization, there are no extra fees for additional users.

Simple license adjustment

If you reach your detection limit, SalesViewer® allows you to proactively adjust your license. Via the “Licenses” tab in your dashboard, you can book an additional license to ensure that you don’t miss out on any valuable leads.

Support from SalesViewer® experts

Our experts are at your disposal to analyze the results of your trial phase and find the right license for you. Together we will evaluate your collected data and detections to ensure that the selected license meets your requirements. You can contact the sales team by email via