Add users to your SalesViewer® account

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Add users to your SalesViewer® account Account & administration

Add users to your SalesViewer® account

SalesViewer® enables uncomplicated collaborative work with a large number of users through a simple user administration. Here you will find the user management. Please note, that you need to be an admin in SalesViewer® to make use of the user management.

No extra costs for users

Adding users to your account does not incur any additional costs. The platform charges based on company detections, not the number of users. This allows you to invite all relevant team members to share SalesViewer® insights and data.

Read access and admin rights

There are two main types of user roles within SalesViewer®: Admin and user with read access.

  • Admin user: These users have the authorization to change settings within the SalesViewer® account. This includes adding or removing users, customizing filters and interests as well as managing the account settings.
  • User with read access: These users can access the data and reports but are not authorized to add new users or change the payment settings. This role is ideal for team members who are involved in the analysis and processing of the data.

Rights concept

SalesViewer® offers a flexible rights concept that allows you to define individual access rights for users. This concept supports the differentiated assignment of rights so that you can precisely control who has access to which functions and data.

Notification of new users

As soon as a new user is created, SalesViewer® automatically sends an email to the person concerned. This email contains all the necessary information to gain access to the SalesViewer® account, including setting up a password.