Multidimensional tracking, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Inhouse Data

Unrivaled results.
Outstanding simplicity.

Our most significant unique selling proposition: standalone in-house technology, that leads to impressive results and incredible data quality.

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Multidimensional tracking, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Inhouse Data
Real innovation

Leadership through in-house technology since 2011.

Multidimensional tracking, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Inhouse Data
  • Multidimensional tracking

    Innovative tracking approach by analyzing multiple data layers for the highest possible detection rate.

  • Big Data

    Constant analysis of billions of data points to detect patterns and get even more results.

  • Artificial intelligence

    AI-powered research for outstanding data and address quality. Sales data ready to go!

  • In-house data

    SalesViewer® works exclusively with its own data in order to maintain excellent data quality.

  • Human Intelligence

    Smart data from smart people for sales professionals.

Since 2010

a pioneer of the industry with its own standards.


Unrivaled technological approach.

Data protection

Multi-layer data protection standards.


Incredible simplicity for instant results.

SalesViewer® is a global provider for sales intelligence and website visitor identification and impresses with even more unique selling propositions and technological progress.


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selling propositions

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Award winning technology

Our unique technological approach results in the highest possible detection rate and incredible data quality. Regularly awarded by leading experts and organizations.

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Best in class data protection

SalesViewer® established its own standards for data protection to become an industry leader. Resulting in a three-layered data protection framework for best in class data protection.

Data protections standards
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Market-leading customers

Many of the world’s most famous brands rely on SalesViewer® to identify their anonymous website visitors. Be one of them!

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Outstanding customer reviews

Read what customers say on the most relevant and trusted review platform on the web: Google.

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Experience since 2010

SalesViewer® was established in 2011 and has over 10 years of global experience in website visitor identification and new business development.

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Transparent and fair pricing

Pay only what you really use. SalesViewer® offers monthly subscriptions and scales with your business growth. Customers love it!

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Best in class staff

SalesViewer® guarantees a high level of expertise throughout the whole ecosystem of sales and digital marketing.

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SalesViewer® defines simplicity in one line

Dedicated to simplicity

Enjoy the simplicity of one simple line: SalesViewer® provides the most important keyfacts at a glance in only one simple line to start right away.

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International data protection certificates

International certifications

SalesViewer® is 100% GDPR and CCPA compliant and is regularly certified by various experts and organizations.

Data protection
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Handpicked partners

SalesViewer® collaborates only with selected and qualified partners partners to provide the best customer experience within our ecosystem.

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