Why are certain companies not identified by SalesViewer®?

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Why are certain companies not identified by SalesViewer®? Tracking

Why are certain companies not identified by SalesViewer®?

If you find that certain companies are not being identified in your SalesViewer® account, there may be several reasons for this. Below you will find a detailed explanation of the possible reasons and measures you can take.

1. Focus on B2B traffic

SalesViewer® is designed to identify visits from companies. Private individuals, bots or traffic that is clearly not in the scope of B2B, is therefore not recorded and intentionally excluded.

This is why SalesViewer® is not comparable to web traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics or Matomo which record every visit. However, SalesViewer® specializes exclusively in identifying company visits. To get a realistic estimate of your detections, you should check how much traffic is actually coming to your website and whether it matches the profile of B2B users. 

If you use analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Matomo to gain a broad insight into the traffic on your website, is it particularly important to closely examine the origin and behavior of your visitors. This makes it easier to assess whether potential B2B traffic is being generated or whether it is unspecific traffic.

2. Indentification criteria and data quality

SalesViewer® applies certain criteria for identifying a company to ensure that only high-quality data is included in the analysis. In any case, a company should have a visible presence on the Internet, such as its own company website, in order to be recognized according to the standards of SalesViewer®.

Data points that SalesViewer® uses for identification include the company website and other significant online signals. SalesViewer® ensures that only companies that have been correctly identified are displayed in the dashboard to ensure absolute reliability of the data and its further processability.

3. Common errors and how to rectify them

Some common problems can cause detections to fail in SalesViewer®:

  • Update/changes to the website: If recent changes have been made to your website, check that the SalesViewer® tracking code is still present and correctly installed. A missing or incorrect code can result in no data being recorded.
  • Website relaunch: If your website is completely relaunched, the tracking code may have been accidentally removed. Make sure that the SalesViewer® tracking code is integrated into the new website.
  • Installation of cookie banners/change to consent: If you have recently introduced a cookie banner or changed the settings, check whether this affects how the SalesViewer® tracking code works. It is possible that the code is blocked by the consent settings.