Where can I find my SalesViewer® invoice?

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Where can I find my SalesViewer® invoice? License & billing

Where can I find my SalesViewer® invoice?

All SalesViewer® invoices are created in PDF format and delivered digitally. This enables fast and secure access to your financial documents without having to wait for physical copies.

Automatic mailing

Invoices are sent automatically by email to the specified invoice recipient monthly/yearly (depending on your license). This ensures that you receive regular and timely information about your expenses.

Use of an accounting email address

It is recommended to store the email address of the accounting department in your SalesViewer® account. This ensures that the invoices are sent directly to the responsible department or person in your company, which simplifies internal processing. You can customize your billing address at anytime as explained in this article.

Here you will find your invoice

You can also view and download your invoices directly in your SalesViewer® account. To do this, navigate to “Licenses” via the menu in the top right-hand corner of the user interface and then to “Orders”. There you will find an overview of your orders and the corresponding invoices, which you can easily retrieve if required.

Customize billing address

You can conveniently change your billing address via your account with effect from the next billing period. A guide can be found here.

If you need to make changes to invoices that have already been created, please contact SalesViewer® support at help@salesviewer.com. Our team will take care of your request and make the necessary adjustments.