Is the SalesViewer® tracking code installed correctly?

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Is the SalesViewer® tracking code installed correctly? Tracking

Is the SalesViewer® tracking code installed correctly?

In this article you will learn whether the SalesViewer® tracking code is correctly integrated and how you can check the tracking independently.

1. Pop-up banner and domain indicator

To check whether the SalesViewer® tracking code has been implemented correctly on your website, you can use the indicator next to your domain as a guide. The indicator will light up green if the tracking code is active and functional. Otherwise, it will light up red and a pop-up banner will be displayed.

2. Waiting time for the first data

After the tracking code has been inserted into your website, it can take up to 24 hours for the system to analyze and display the first data. In some cases, this process can be faster, but it is recommended to wait one day to give the system enough time to collect and process the data.

3. Technical inspection of the installation

If you are looking for immediate confirmation or the pop-up banner and domain indicator do not provide clear feedback, you can carry out a technical check. To do this, use the network analysis function of your browser (often found under “Developer tools”). Check whether calls are being sent to SalesViewer®, which indicates an active tracking code integration.

4. Common tracking code installation errors

Some of the most common errors when installing the tracking code are:

  1. Incorrect placement in source code: Check whether the tracking code has been installed correctly and placed in the right position.
  2. Typos in the code: Make sure the code has been copied exactly and pasted without any modifications.
  3. Blocking by browser extensions: Ad blockers or similar browser extensions can block tracking. Test the page in an incognito/private window without extensions to rule this out.

5. Expert help from SalesViewer®

If you still encounter challenges after these checks, SalesViewer® offers professional support. Our team of experts is available to work with you to analyze the causes and find solutions. You can reach our experts via mail under