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Smart, easy to use and full of unrivaled features. SalesViewer® is your new daily sales companion, trusted by thousands of sales professionals.

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Magic in one simple line!

All you need in just one simple line – focused on one important goal: revenue!

All website visitor information in one line
  • See, who is ready for business.

    SalesViewer® identifies your anonymous website visitors and shows you exactly who will be your next customer.

    Website Visitor information from Statista, Stepstone and LindeWebsite Visitor information from Statista, Stepstone and Linde
  • Promote the real deal.

    Receive a high qualified and accurate demand profile to offer the perfect fit.

    Screenshot of website visitors interests & which pages they visitedScreenshot of website visitors interests & which pages they visited
  • Talk to the right people.

    Get access to the right decision makers to seal the deal.

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That’s it!

Enjoy the simplicity of sales in only one simple line and unleash the full potential of your business. Start right now!

Start right now

Unrivaled features

SalesViewer® is packed with endless features to increase your sales productivity.

  • Identify
  • Discover
  • Acquire


The right insights to start within minutes.

  • Company ID

    Get a detailed company profile of your identified website visitors to see who is visiting and why.

  • Smart categories

    Organize your leads with predefined categories and start right away.

  • Scoring

    Prioritize your prospects automatically and focus on the most important ones.

  • Instant notifications

    Stay up to date and receive instant notifications.

  • Offline tracking

    Connect your offline activities with SalesViewer® to instantly see when someone has engaged with them.

SalesViewer® provides us 1000 valuable new customer signals per month.StepStone

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Incredible features to understand your customers.

  • Behavior analytics

    Get a precise demand profile of your future customers including visited subpages and viewed products and services.

  • Video (session recording)

    Discover the exact customer needs with an extensive video recording: see what people did and read on your website.

  • Campaigns & keywords

    SalesViewer® automatically displays which campaigns and keywords your visitors came from and is compatible with all your marketing and sales activities.

  • Event tracking

    Track individual behavior (e.g. downloads, click events, form interactions etc.) to sharpen the demand profile of your website visitors.

  • Google Ads

    Connect SalesViewer® with Google Ads (and other advertising platforms) with our standalone integration and receive a full performance report about your campaigns, ads and keywords.


Smart tools to get in touch and supercharge your sales.

  • Contact data

    Get access to decision makers on social media to start your sales momentum immediately.

  • Filters and reports

    Personalize your workflow and save time with custom filters and reports.

  • Collaboration tools

    Collaborate with your team and organize your data with tags, notes and individual labels.

  • Integration / Automation

    Integrate SalesViewer® into your entire workflow and connect it with tools you already use.

  • Mobile app

    Get your results anywhere and work from wherever you want with our iOS and Android app.

Supercharge your sales

Generate B2B leads now

Supercharge your sales

Generate B2B leads now

Identify your anonymous website visitors now and discover your future customers today!

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