Why are only a few detections displayed in my account?

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Why are only a few detections displayed in my account? Tracking

Why are only a few detections displayed in my account?

If you notice that only a few company detections are displayed in your SalesViewer® account, this can have various causes. Here we show you the possible steps to identify and resolve any problems.

1. Identification rate of SalesViewer®

SalesViewer® ‘s objective is the decryption of company visits. Private individuals, bots or traffic that is clearly not B2B-related, is therefore not recorded and intentionally excluded.

Therefore SalesViewer® is not comparable to web traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics or Matomo which record every visit. However, SalesViewer® specializes exclusively in identifying company visits. To get a realistic estimate of your detections, you should check how much traffic is actually coming to your website and whether it matches the profile of B2B users. 

If you use analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Matomo to gain a comprehensive insight into the traffic on your website, is it particularly important to question the origin and behavior of visitors to determine whether potential B2B traffic is being generated. This way you can check that your website generates B2B traffic, or if it is general traffic.

2. Technical reasons and sources of error

If you do not see any company identifications despite expected B2B traffic, there may be technical reasons, such as:

  • Less detections due to integration in cookie consent banner: SalesViewer® works without cookies, i.e. you do not need to include the tracking code in your cookie consent banner and obtain user consent. You can find an explanation of this topic here.
  • Incorrect or incomplete installation of the tracking code: Make sure that the tracking code has been implemented correctly and that it appears before the closing </body> tag on all pages of your website.
  • Website cache: Check whether caching settings are preventing or delaying the loading of the SalesViewer® script. If the tracking code is implemented for the first time, it could be that you need to reset your website cache, so that the changes become active immediately.

3. Check for B2B traffic

It is important to understand that SalesViewer® is designed to detect business visits only. If you have a lot of traffic from private individuals or non-commercial organizations, this will not lead to company identifications in SalesViewer®. Make sure that the traffic sources of your website mainly target B2B users.

4. Expert help from SalesViewer®

If you still encounter challenges after these checks, SalesViewer® offers professional support. Our team of experts is available to work with you to analyze the causes and find solutions.

You can reach our experts via help@salesviewer.com.