SalesViewer® does not use cookies

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SalesViewer® does not use cookies Data protection

SalesViewer® does not use cookies

Unlike many other tools, SalesViewer® does not use cookies or cookie-like technologies. This approach offers significant advantages in terms of data protection and user-friendliness.

Cookie-free technology

SalesViewer® does not use cookies. This means that no files are stored on the user’s end device when visiting a website tracked with SalesViewer®. This method is in line with strict data protection standards and minimizes the need for cookie consent banners, which in turn leads to a smoother user experience.

No cookie-like technologies

In addition to not using cookies, SalesViewer® does not use any other technologies that monitor user behavior or store personal data on end devices, such as local storage or fingerprinting. This clear distinction from technologies that could potentially jeopardize the privacy of users underlines SalesViewer®’s commitment to data protection.

The absence of cookies and similar technologies offers a decisive advantage: SalesViewer® enables data protection-compliant analysis of website visits without the need for extensive consent dialogs. This facilitates compliance with data protection laws such as the GDPR and strengthens users’ trust in the website that uses SalesViewer®.

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