What is a company detection and how is it charged?

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What is a company detection and how is it charged? License & billing

What is a company detection and how is it charged?

A company detection is the identification of a company that has visited your website. Information such as the name of the company, industry, location, contact details, duration of the visit, the source of the visit and the origin from specific campaigns and much more is recorded.

Monthly billing of company detections

The visit of an identified company counts as one company detection per billing month, regardless of how often the company accesses your website within this month. As soon as a new billing month begins, new access activity by the same company is counted as a new detection and billed accordingly.

Several sessions in one month

Let’s assume that a certain company visits your website several times in the course of a billing month. On the first visit, the company is identified by SalesViewer® and counted as one detection for that billing month. Further visits from the same company in the same month will not increase the number of detections, allowing efficient use of your billing quota.

Several sessions in separate months

If the same company visits your website in both two different billing periods, these are two separate detections – one for each month.

Limit reached?

If you reach the limit of your company detections, SalesViewer® automatically informs you and pauses tracking to avoid unexpected costs. This gives you the opportunity to consciously decide whether you want to increase your quota.

Your license is flexible: You can make adjustments to the license to not lose any important customer potential. If you have any further questions or are interested in an upgrade, our sales team will be happy to discuss the best possible options for your needs, which can be reached via sales@salesviewer.com.