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Wind turbines from STEAG
Wind turbines from STEAG

For STEAG, SalesViewer® is a real game changer in our global marketing and sales processes.STEAG

Christoph Dollhausen

Head of Marketing
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Secure energy, now and in the future

As one of Germany’s leading energy providers, STEAG supports customers worldwide in all aspects of energy supply. STEAG continuously distributes highly efficient energy solutions for more than 80 years. With total turnover of 2.0 billion Euros (2020) and more than 6.000 employees the STEAG conglomerate operates large-scale power plants in Germany and over 400 decentralized facilities worldwide.

STEAG ensures secure, environmentally friendly and economical energy solutions and provides the entire value chain of energy supply worldwide. With SalesViewer®, STEAG realizes its vision of always knowing exactly when national and international customers have a demand, so that the marketing and sales team can be assigned at the right time in the best possible way.

For large investment projects with long depreciation periods, it was previously unclear when the customer demand would arise. SalesViewer® is a real game changer when it comes to predictive marketing and sales activities.STEAG

Christoph Dollhausen

Head of Marketing at STEAG

Especially in the investment segment for large power plants with extremely long depreciation and sales cycles, it often remains unclear whether the customer has a need at all, and if so, when precisely. In this case, the marketing and sales department is often faced with a black box and must predict the customer need based on insufficient data.

The key challenge is to catch the right timing in the marketing and sales process. With over 400 worldwide facilities and a wide range of services STEAG offers to its customers, this is a challenging situation. The teams therefore desired a solution that would identify the best possible moment and, based on profound data, realize the perfect touch point from sales and marketing to the customer at the right time.

With SalesViewer®, STEAG is now able to solve exactly this challenge. Website visitors are identified as customers or prospects and the specific demand is unveiled. The newly acquired leads are transferred directly to the sales department and are therefore addressed at the right time and at the right place in its customer journey. With the automatic campaign function of SalesViewer®, STEAG can now also precisely assess which of the marketing activities is taking effect and is delivering high-quality leads. Thanks to the deep integration and implementation support of the SalesViewer® team, for STEAG it was possible to work with measurable results within 24 hours.

SalesViewer® was first tested at STEAG New Energies in Saarbrücken. The results and the quality of data and leads were so impressive, that SalesViewer® is now implemented in all subsidiaries of STEAG and worldwide in the entire group. The sales and quotation processes have become much more transparent and the view into the buying center is increasingly clear. STEAG now knows much more about its own customers and appreciates working with the SalesViewer® team at eye level.

For STEAG, the use of SalesViewer® in the processes of marketing and sales is a real game changer – and that’s exactly why no one wants to go without it in the future. 

Steag wind turbines in a forest
The STEAG Group headquarters in Essen
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