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SalesViewer® is like a bright spotlight in a dark cave for sales and marketing – and replaces the crystal ball with transparency and visibility.grandcentrix

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Since developing the first networked Miele washing machine and the Toniebox by Boxine, grandcentrix GmbH, founded in 2009, has focused on the development of IoT solutions and IoT products. Since 2020, grandcentrix has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Germany and has greatly expanded its expertise in mobile technologies for product networking.

In the highly fragmented IoT market, the identification and segmentation of customer groups is essential.grandcentrix

Philipp Buhl

Head of Marketing & Channel Management at grandcentrix

grandcentrix is a provider of IoT products and development partner for customized IoT solutions. In a highly fragmented provider market with products and services that require a great deal of explanation, clear positioning in the IoT market is a necessary prerequisite for business success. At best, customers know their needs in terms of networking products and should be able to quickly match grandcentrix’s expertise and service portfolio to these needs.

Effectively reaching out to customers through sales and communication channels is mandatory, particularly in the context of acquiring new customers and introducing new products. “A major challenge is that the requirements for IoT products and services are highly technical which results in a wide range of complexity,” says Philipp Buhl, Head of Marketing & Channel Management at grandcentrix.

“The teams in Marketing & Sales were looking for new tools to develop an understanding of customer groups, segments and needs, confirm or refute hypotheses and implement measures – for a more effective customer approach.” Philip Buhl, grandcentrix.

The implementation of IoT projects for companies is often an operation at the core of their business model. Such a long-term investment does not happen every day and not for all companies at the same time. This makes it all the more important to develop an understanding: To customer groups, to segments, to reasons which companies are currently involved with IoT and which products and solutions they are looking for.

SalesViewer® has sustainably created a better understanding of website visitors and customer segments in order to create more targeted approaches and offers. The software makes it possible to “visualize” click paths on grandcentrix websites and encourages optimization, by showing which content is viewed, read and clicked. This also led to performance optimization, particularly in the area of SEA, with a focus on Google Ads and keyword optimization.

In addition to the optimization of online marketing measures, direct sales can now also be supported by interested website visitors and potential customers. On one hand as a checkpoint after customer appointments that have already taken place, on the other hand for prioritization in the sales process and the start of new customer potentials.

The insights and transparency offered by SalesViewer® take the guesswork out of the process and support the development of new products and services, particularly in the areas of business development. In addition, the platform helps to optimize sales work and make marketing communication significantly more effective.

The integration of SalesViewer® is an important tool for sustainably more effective collaboration between marketing and sales, with the common goal of a more effective customer approach. Deep insights into the customer journey on the company’s own websites helped to optimize content and marketing campaigns so that resources could be used more efficiently.

grandcentrix has found a tool in SalesViewer®, to gain a better overview of potential customers of IoT solutions and IoT products and to use this for a more targeted approach of new customers.

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