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The international colleagues were fascinated about immediate results.Baumüller

Leonhardt Kemnitzer

Head of Marketing
Baumüller Nürnberg

Baumüller: be in motion

Baumüller is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical automation and drive systems. At 6 worldwide production sites, more than 40 subsidiaries and with over 2,000 employees, Baumüller manufactures high-dynamic servo technology for mechanical engineering and energy-efficient mobility solutions. Baumüller is headquartered in Nuremberg (Germany) and generates group revenue of more than 230 million Euro. 

Since 1930, Baumüller is supporting their customers throughout the entire machine life cycle. From engineering to launch up to predictive maintenance, Baumüller offers an all-inclusive package for their customers. With SalesViewer®, Baumüller was able to acquire over 350 new customers in the first year and automated the digital sales pipeline on a global scale. 

With SalesViewer®, we acquired more than 350 new customers within the first year.Baumüller

Marco Rauscher

Head of Sales at Baumüller Services

In larger sales organizations, especially for industrial goods, the sales process is very complex. Enterprise websites and external marketing tools must be exactly in line with the sales focus in order to achieve the maximum automation level between sales and marketing.

Baumüller’s vision was to unleash the potential of their own websites and to both filter out attractive visitors and to integrate them into their lead management process automatically. The digitization of the whole sales process and the acquisition of new customers via online channels plays a major role. 

Thanks to the quick and easy implementation of SalesViewer®, Baumüller is now able to unlock unused website traffic potential and lift the automation level of lead generation to 100%. Within a minimum of time, excellent results were achieved due to the high recognition rate and lead quality, also in the international roll-out.

For the sales department of the Baumüller Group, revenue is one of the most important key figures. The fact that a large automotive manufacturer could be won as a maintenance customer through SalesViewer® has triggered a key experience in general.

By using SalesViewer®, Baumüller was even able to increase its share of new customers to such an extent, that the total turnover of the group of companies grew significantly. 

With the use of SalesViewer®, Baumüller has established modern ways of approaching marketing and sales goals. This has significantly improved the customer acquisition and sales process from lead generation to the closing of contracts.  

For Baumüller, the best decision was to set up individual filters for each sales area, so that the potential customers of the respective area could be identified within just 2 clicks. Baumüller is now able to look into the sales pipeline in a much more granular way, as the most important information is simply displayed in one simple line in SalesViewer®. 

The reduced effort in the sales process and the more focused approach significantly reduces the cost per lead and automatically converts website traffic into new sales potentials.

SalesViewer® is an enormous benefit for Baumüller’s marketing and sales team, revolutionizing the entire sales process from the ground up. 

A Baumüller engineer in production
The Baumüller headquarters in Nuremberg
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