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With SalesViewer®, we generate new B2B leads and gain valuable insights into the needs of potential customers.SPORTFIVE

Sascha Meyer

Senior Director Global Lead Management

Groundbreaking sports partnerships, that set new standards

With an impressive list of assets such as BVB, HSV, Hertha BSC, FC Bayern Basketball as well as globally relevant rights holders such as UEFA, FIFA and Riot Games, SPORTFIVE has been bringing people together through the power of sport for over 30 years and driving growth and innovation in the industry.

SalesViewer® enables us to generate new leads and insights about existing customers and prospects on a daily basis.SPORTFIVE

Sascha Meyer

Senior Director Global Lead Management

SPORTFIVE Germany GmbH, one of the world’s leading sports marketing agencies and sports rights marketers, has achieved an impressive position in the world of sports. However, its vision of becoming the most data-driven sports agency in the world required innovative approaches and new – especially digital – ways of marketing sports.

Sascha Meyer, Senior Director Global Lead Management at SPORTFIVE, explains: “Our variety of assets spans different sports and price categories, from €400 to €25 million, and is mainly offered through the traditional distribution channel. However, it is becoming evident that we must increasingly support this journey through digital means.”

The challenge was to effectively promote this broad asset mix and fill the sales funnel. Meyer emphasizes: “SalesViewer® allows us to make greater use of digital channels to generate new leads and gain valuable insights. This enables us to further advance our vision as the most data-driven sports agency in the world.”

The integration of SalesViewer® at SPORTFIVE was completed in a remarkably short period of just 4 weeks. Since its introduction, SalesViewer® has been used intensively in the marketing and CRM departments, demonstrating rapid adaptation and integration into the company’s existing processes. “With SalesViewer®, we were able to use a powerful tool that helps us generate new leads and gain valuable insights through digital channels, which is another building block that brings us one step closer to our vision of being the most data-driven sports agency,” says Meyer.

SPORTFIVE has ambitious, long-term goals and is emphasizing its strong commitment to an innovative and data-driven future in the world of sports marketing with the further development of digital sales channels. The implementation of SalesViewer® on the club websites is another important step towards intensifying cooperation with clubs and offering customized solutions. This will enable clubs to target potential sponsors and partners even more effectively and make their marketing and sales efforts even more efficient.

The partnership between SPORTFIVE and SalesViewer® emphasizes the transformative power of data-driven solutions in sports marketing. With its broad spectrum of sports assets and the clear goal of becoming the most data-driven sports agency in the world, SPORTFIVE has recognized that digital transformation is essential.

The introduction of SalesViewer® gives SPORTFIVE a deeper understanding of the needs of partners, can identify potential customers more precisely, address them in a targeted manner and market its own assets more efficiently and better.

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