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The Statista reception area in Hamburg
The Statista reception area in Hamburg

SalesViewer® offers great value for our international sales: every day, high-quality leads support us in systematic market targeting.Statista

Dr. Friedrich Schwandt

Founder & CEO

the leading provider for statistic, market and consumer data.

Founded in 2007 in Germany, Statista employs more than 1,100 people on four continents at 12 locations. Statista is the leading data and business intelligence platform and provides international market and consumer studies. The “Data as a Service” business model is unique with no direct competitors on the market.

Statista is the market leader in providing reliable business data, it offers insights and facts on 170 industries and 150+ countries. conveniently bundles statistical data on over 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources on four platforms: English, French, German and Spanish. SalesViewer® supports the activities of sales, marketing and the market research and agency departments at all worldwide locations of Statista.

The Brahms Kontor in Hamburg, main headquarters of Statista

SalesViewer® increases our outbound potential, thanks to its direct integration into Salesforce®.Statista

Samira Krause

Director Marketing Communications at Statista

Statista provides market data, insights and trends from 170 industries in 50 countries and over 1 million facts in direct access. The statistics portal also offers its customers: business tools, customized research & analysis, as well as content and design services. Recently, company and e-commerce databases were added to Statista’s portfolio. The enormously high website traffic must be segmented efficiently in order to unfold its full sales potential.

A clear focus on the sales and product vision is essential for Statista’s global growth. Statista relies on intelligent, technological progress in a wide range of marketing disciplines. As a data-driven company, it is also a top priority for Statista to generate results based on facts. An additional challenge is to integrate SaaS tools into the cross-continental onboarding process with more than 1.000 employees.  

Statista is always seeking tools that help to optimize the sales processes and the associated conversion rate from leads to customers. When optimizing the lead process and customer touchpoints, it is important to be able to directly understand exactly what content potential customers have consumed on the platform. Only with clear and accurate information at the right moment in the user journey it is possible to establish dynamic content interaction with potential customers. 

The direct integration capability with Salesforce closes the gap from onsite lead acquisition to the CRM system and automates the whole process. During the trial in central Europe and the DACH region, SalesViewer® identified more than 20,000 companies.

SalesViewer® is now used by about 1/3 of the employees worldwide and has therefore integrated into the global onbaording process in the respective departments. Cold calls are more fun again for the sales team and have become routine, which in turn increases outbound potential and new customer sales. Statista wins customers they would not have thought of.

What Statista especially values most about SalesViewer® is, how easy it is to customize the tool to meet their own needs. Every employee can now generate the data sets she or he needs for their daily work, by creating individual filters and reports.

By using SalesViewer®, Statista was able to achieve considerable success after a short period of time. Statista has acquired many new customers and accelerated the sales process significantly in many areas. The relationship of trust and the cooperation at eye level created a very strong and loyal partnership between Statista and SalesViewer®. 

Statista office space in Hamburg
The Brahms Kontor in Hamburg, main headquarters of Statista
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