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Andreas Schwemmer

Sales Director EMEA at Talon.One

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Talon.One has been revolutionizing the world of corporate promotions with flexible headless solutions since 2015. During his time as founder of Lieferando, founder Christoph Gerber recognized a gap between marketing and development teams in the agile execution of promotions across different channels.

This is how Talon.One was born: the bridge between creative ideas and operational effort that makes it possible to implement promotional campaigns on a large scale without complex code.

Using SalesViewer® in combination with Salesforce has opened up a whole new dimension of our sales

Andreas Schwemmer

Sales Director EMEA at Talon.One

The story of Talon.One is closely linked to its founder Christoph Gerber, because during his time at Lieferando – Gerber founded the online delivery service in 2009 – he recognized a significant gap between marketing and development teams in the agile implementation of promotion and incentive campaigns. To close this gap, Gerber founded Talon.One in 2015, which today has established itself as the leading headless solution for promotions and customer loyalty campaigns. With Talon.One, flexible promotional campaigns can be created based on simple rules and enable individual incentive marketing – without any programming effort.

As part of the expansion of its enterprise business, Talon.One was faced with the task of centralizing its own sales processes and segmenting leads and opportunities precisely according to potential value and volume. “The challenge was to consolidate sales activities in a central channel and to segment leads and opportunities in advance according to potential deal size.”, Andreas Schwemmer, Sales Director EMEA.

Global enterprise brands such as Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, Carlsberg and Zalando rely on Talon.One to perfect their incentive strategies. The aim was to integrate a solution that recognizes the characteristic features of enterprise deal potentials even before the first customer contact is made. The solution also had to be able to be implemented seamlessly and efficiently into Talon.One’s existing Salesforce infrastructure in order to aggregate and centrally map all relevant sales data.

The integration of SalesViewer® opened up the possibility of decoding anonymous website visits into specific company profiles. This allowed Talon.One to make a precise pre-selection in their sales pipeline. This selection focuses specifically on those companies whose potential deals have the volume and complexity of enterprise-level deals. This effectively speeds up the sales cycle as sales reps are equipped with targeted information and are therefore able to make relevant and engaging sales calls tailored to the specific needs of each enterprise customer.

Andreas Schwemmer, Sales Director EMEA at Talon.One, emphasizes the importance of this development: “SalesViewer® has equipped our sales team with deep insights into visitor behavior on our website, which has enabled us to sharpen our sales strategy and significantly increase our close rate in the enterprise segment by almost 30%.”

In addition, SalesViewer® has enabled Talon.One to develop data-driven account-based marketing strategies based on in-depth data analysis. These strategies make it possible to design customized marketing measures that directly address the needs and interests of the identified enterprise leads.

With the integration of SalesViewer® into the CRM system Salesforce, Talon.One has created a central platform on which all sales-relevant information flows together and can be used effectively in every sales phase.

This technological symbiosis has led to a significant increase in closing rates in the enterprise segment and laid the foundation for data-driven, customized marketing strategies that have enabled Talon.One to achieve noticeable growth in its own sales performance.

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