SalesViewer® integration in Joomla

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How to implement SalesViewer® in Joomla

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    How to implement SalesViewer® in Joomla

    You have registered for the trial phase and are now faced with the task of implementing the SalesViewer® tracking code into your Typo3 website? There are a variety of methods for implementing our tracking code. In this article, however, we will focus on the most common ones.

    Native implementation in Joomla

    • To integrate the tracking code into your Joomla site, navigate to the “Extensions” area in the Control Panel and select the “Module manager”.
    • Create a new module by clicking on “New” and select the type “HTML code”.
    • Assign a title such as “SalesViewer® code” and select the position of your module ( the positions you can select depend on your template).
    • Copy your SalesViewer® code (including the <script> tags) into the editor.
    • In the Menu Assignment, select the pages on which you want to display the code. We recommend that you implement the code on all pages in order to achieve the best result.
    • Set the status of your new module to published and save the module.

    You can find your tracking code at:

    Implementation with Google Tag Manager

    The SalesViewer® tracking code can also be easily implemented by using the Google Tag Manager. We have a separate guide on this topic which you can find here.

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