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With SalesViewer®, we inspire new customers with personalized content on our website.Arvato Systems

Marcus Metzner

Chief Marketing Officer

Arvato Systems:
The IT partner for digital transformation

As a part of the Bertelsmann Group, Arvato Systems is a global IT specialist that drives digital transformation. With over 3,300 experts in more than 25 locations, the company offers advanced solutions in the areas of AI, multi-cloud services, IT security, customer experience and more.

The broad customer portfolio includes sectors such as retail, media, manufacturing, healthcare, public services and utilities.

SalesViewer® provides the backbone for our website personalization and enables us to address potential new customers in a more precise approach.Arvato

Marcus Metzner

Chief Marketing Officer at Arvato Systems

As an internationally active IT specialist with in-depth expertise in artificial intelligence and multi-cloud services, Arvato Systems accompanies renowned customers on their way to a networked future. With over 3,300 employees spread across more than 25 locations worldwide, Arvato Systems combines technical expertise and industry-specific know-how with a clear focus on the needs of its customers. This symbiosis of specialist knowledge and customer orientation enables the company to develop innovative IT solutions and offer a comprehensive range of services – from cloud integration to the management of complex IT systems.

Together with the Bertelsmann subsidiary Arvato Group, Arvato Systems is characterized by its particular strength in mapping value chains. This expertise is complemented by a distinctive ecosystem of strategic partnerships with leading technology providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft and SAP.

In order to offer its international customers the best user experience on its own website and to be able to address potential new customers effectively and in a targeted manner, Arvato Systems was looking for a solution with which website content could be personalized for specific industries. For effective personalization, Arvato required that in-depth industry & movement data of website visitors be collected and analyzed in compliance with GDPR in order to derive user behavior, preferences and engagement patterns.

With the implementation of SalesViewer®, Arvato Systems’ requirements in terms of data protection, level of detail of the information and user-friendliness of the software were met. One of the key functions of SalesViewer® is the GDPR-compliant collection of information about website visitors. This includes not only which companies visit the website, but also which channels they come from, how they navigate the website and whether they convert. With the help of video analytics, the marketing team can track the customer journey and make targeted improvements to the website.

The high degree of personalization was achieved through the API integration of SalesViewer® into the company’s own content management system. This allows new visitors to be quickly assigned to an industry and can be automatically addressed with relevant information, solutions or case studies via industry-specific pop-ups.

SalesViewer® not only supports Arvato Systems with an improved user experience through personalization, but also facilitates account-based marketing. The team can now target companies that are interested in specific topics and follow them up on other channels, such as LinkedIn. This targeted approach has made marketing more effective and offers new opportunities for acquiring new customers.

For Arvato Systems, the observed increase in engagement and improvement in conversion rates underscores the critical role that personalized content and targeted customer engagement play in sales efficiency and new customer acquisition.

The successful implementation of SalesViewer® led to a deep understanding of the customer journey on the Arvato Systems website. This resulted not only in an optimized user experience, but also in more effective, data-driven marketing strategies that targeted potential customers.

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