Implement SalesViewer® in Typo3

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How to implement SalesViewer® in Typo3

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    How to implement SalesViewer® in Typo3

    You have registered for the trial phase and are now faced with the task of implementing the SalesViewer® tracking code into your Typo3 website? There are a variety of methods for implementing our tracking code. In this article, however, we will focus on the most common ones.

    Native implementation in Typo3

    • To integrate the tracking code into your Typo3 website, navigate to the “Template module”, which is usually located in the left side menu.
    • Select the “Main template” or “Root template” and open the template via “Edit”.
    • Navigate to the closing head tag (</head>) and insert the SalesViewer® tracking code above it.
         <!-- other head elements -->
    • Once this has been done, you must save and publish the changes. You have now successfully implemented the tracking code in your website.
    • Please note here: If you have activated caching, you must empty the cache so that the changes become active immediately.

    You can find your tracking code at:

    Implementation with Google Tag Manager

    The SalesViewer® tracking code can also be easily implemented by using the Google Tag Manager. We have a separate guide on this topic which you can find here.

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