Website visitor identification

SalesViewer® is the award winning technology for anonymous website visitor identification to support sales and marketing departments.

Your sales radar

Unveal companies that visit your website. These hidden customer potentials are just waiting to be adressed by you.

One step ahead

Your unimagined
competitive advantage.

Get in touch with customers before your competitors do. SalesViewer® identifies your anonymous website visitors and provides the most important keyfacts and a precise demand profile to make these customers your customers.

identify website visitors in one simple line
Details of the SalesViewer® interface
  • Supercharge your sales

    Support your sales department with high qualified leads and sales potentials to increase revenue.

  • Support your marketing

    Analyze your marketing activities and see which campaigns and creatives really engage your customers.

  • Empower your ideas

    Thousands of customers develop new ideas and approaches based on our data. Create your own innovations that will bring your business to the next level.

market leaders

Join thousands of
satisfied customers.

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